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Market Opportunity Identification: Push or Pull?

Entrepreneurship begins with an idea that upon reflection appears to be a valuable opportunity.

New opportunities emerge because customers’ needs change or new technologies lead to new ways of accomplishing tasks.

There are two types of opportunities:

  • Capability Push: the opportunity flows from a capability or resource availability
  • Opportunity Pull: the opportunity emerges from a need or problem that cries out for a solution

Examples: Examples:
Technology: HDTV
Applied in:
Consumer electronics (Television), Medical and Health sector (HDTV Endoscopy)
Need: Controlled drug delivery
Transdermal Patch Technology
Technology: Carbon fiber reinforced plastic
Applied in: Sailboats, Aerospace, Sports gear
Need: Solution for positional sleep apnea
Technology: The Sleep Position Trainer: a small, flat sensor which is cleverly programmed


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